All items are to be washed before use.

Please note that items made of hemp or bamboo require 6 or more washes before they reach maximum absorbency. There is no need to wash them this many times before use. Instead, you can change them more frequently or add a booster to your nappy until they become more absorbent.

Wet Bags and Pods can be washed with your nappies.

Use a reusable/disposable liner if using nappy creams.

Wash darks separately for the first few washes.



Toss any solids down the toilet. Heavily soiled items may benefit from a quick rinse.

There is no need to rinse soiled newborn nappies as their poo is water soluble.

Store nappies in an airy dry pail or an XL Wet Bag for up to a maximum of 3 days.

Do not soak your nappies; this destroys the waterproof lining, degrades the elastics, and creates a bacterial breeding ground.



Use half the recommended dosage of detergent in a short wash. This removes most of the excess soiling.



Wash nappies in a 40°- 60° wash using the manufacturer's recommended dose of washing powder for your load size. Use a cotton or heavy-duty cycle.

If using non-bio wash at 60°. If baby is under 6 months, wash at 60°.

Ariel Bio and Fairy Non-bio are recommended.

Do not use fabric softener with your nappies, as it can reduce absorbency.

Ensure the machine is loosely loaded for ideal agitation, which is roughly 2/3rds when wet.

Your nappies will need to be washed separately from other household items.



Line dry, keeping any exposed PUL out of direct sunlight, as UV degrades the waterproof lining quickly.

Damage will occur if exposed PUL is dried in the dryer, on the line in direct sunlight, or on a radiator.

Items without a waterproof layer, such as inserts, boosters, and wipes, can be dried on a low setting in the dryer.