What do I need to get started with reusable cloth nappies?

  • Approximately 25 washable nappies
  • Liners (optional)
  • A large hanging wet-bag or nappy bucket to store dirty nappies
  • A medium size wet-bag for out-and-about to store dirty nappies

To switch to cloth full-time you will need 25-30 modern cloth nappies if washing every 2 to 3 days. If making a gradual switch, we suggest trying a few cloth nappies first and adding to your stash as and when you wish.


How often do I change a reusable nappy?

Change the modern cloth nappy as you would a disposable. It all depends on the baby or child, some require changing every 2 hours and others every 4.


How do I use a liner?

Liners are placed on top of the inside of the nappy between the nappy and baby’s bum. They are used to catch any solids that would otherwise stick to the nappy. Biodegradable liners are tossed in the bin or compost.


How to fit a reusable nappy correctly

After putting the real nappy on your baby, observe how it fits around the legs and bum. The leg elastics should fit either on the leg or snug in the crease (If one method doesn't work for you try the other). If you see gaps between the nappy and the skin then the fit should be adjusted. Use the adjustable waist poppers to ensure the nappy fits snuggly around the back and waist without being too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the nappy and baby. Our Fit Guide can be found here.


Can I use rash creams?

Bum and rash creams can impair the absorbency of your nappy. If you chose to use a cream just ensure that you place a liner in the nappy to protect it.


Can I soak the nappies?

NEVER soak the nappies in any type of sterilising solution or water as this will damage the PUL|TPU waterproof lining as well as interfere with the absorbency of the nappy.


How do I wash the nappies?

Our washing guide is available here.


Why do your One-Size nappies say they start at 10lbs?

Although One-Size or Birth-To-Potty nappies suggest they start at 8lbs, most are too big for newborns. So, to stop any confusion, we let you know our nappies fit from approximately 10lbs, (and we say approximately, as babies come in all shapes and sizes).