What to do with old reusable cloth nappies

What to do with old reusable cloth nappies

Once your child has transitioned to toilet training or you no longer need cloth nappies, there are several options for what to do with them.

Save them for your next child:  If you plan to have more children, wash your cloth nappies thoroughly and store them properly to ensure they are in good condition for future use.

Donate to charities: The Rainbow Legacy (Empowerment for women and girls in Gambia and education for all) accepts cloth nappies that are in a good usable condition. Please email them @ therainbowlegacy@mail.com or go check out their Facebook Page.

Donate them to local nappy libraries: Nappy libraries are non-profit organizations that lend cloth nappies to families who want to try them out or need them. 

Sell them online: There are many online forums and Facebook groups where you can sell your cloth nappies to other parents. This is a great option if you want to make some money back on your investment and help someone else enjoy your no longer needed nappies.

Repurpose them: Cloth nappies are made from durable and absorbent materials, making them perfect for repurposing into other items, such as cleaning rags.

Recycle them: If your cloth nappies are beyond repair or reuse, you can recycle them at your local textiles recycling centre. Some do not take cloth nappies, so always find out first. 

Letting go: Nappies that have reached end of life and cannot be recycled will need to be binned. They have done well and saved hundreds of disposables from landfills. There is no need to feel guilty; they have done what they were made to do, but unfortunately, everything has a lifespan.


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