We all need a little boost sometimes...

We all need a little boost sometimes...

Making up nappies is a very Marmite like affair for most parents. Some love sitting down and folding all their lovely, clean cloth up and seeing them all neatly in a row.

Others however, would rather avoid looking at the growing swath of PUL and fluff growing in the laundry basket on the sofa until they’ve got one solitary night nappy left (the one with the wrap that doesn’t quite fit and you really don’t know why you keep it) and it’s 11am.

Yes, that is oddly specific. Make of it what you will *stares in mute horror at the pile of boosters threatening to drown whomever is foolish enough to sit next to them *.

Love it or hate it, all in one or pocket; for most of us, some sort of boosting will be required for our stash.

But what exactly should we be boosting with and when? Why the heck am I *still* getting leaks you may ask?

If your nappy has good elastics, no signs of damage to the waterproof outer and you’ve followed fit guidelines (our Facebook group is a great place to ask for advice from fellow cloth users!) chances are the choice of inserts/boosters need a bit of a fiddle with.

The basics –

  • Hemp is the Queen of natural absorbency. It is slower to soak up liquids but keeps it locked up preventing compression leaks. This does also mean it takes longer to dry than other fabrics, but our thin yet absorbent hemp is one of the quickest drying on the market. An absolute must for older babies/toddlers and heavy wetter’s. Also good for older children and adults with incontinence issues.
  • Bamboo – the staple fabric for many cloth nappy users, bamboo is a quick growing plant that needs less water and growing room than cotton. It’s highly absorbent, and depending on thickness and type, it generally has a medium length drying time. Bamboo fibre can be mixed with other materials to create a fabulous happy medium, it works well sandwiched between quicker and slower drying fabrics for a super absorbent night nappy and it’s also fabulous all on its own.
  • Microfibre – a synthetic fabric known for its superfast absorbency, microfibre is like a sponge. Great for younger babies (though not directly on bum as it soaks up so much it can make skin a little dry!) to keep them comfy; or teamed with a natural fabric underneath to help combat flood wees.

Combination locks (in wetness)

Finding a good insert or booster is, for most cloth using parents, the holy grail.

Enter the Little Lovebum insert range.

We are now stocking our all new organic hemp insert along with a bamboo mix booster.

The former is a must have in night nappies for older babies and heavy wetter’s. The latter is a synthetic core to quickly soak things up, but with a bamboo outer for extra and indeed slower absorbency.

Both fit perfectly in all our birth to potty range, or other brands of nappies as they are tailored for universal fit. A hemp slid under the quick dry for example works a treat. The bamboo mix is a staple all-rounder for any age. The pair will be sold in packs of two.

There are also our fabulous trifolds that can be popped onto our popper and pocket, stuffed in or laid on any nappy. They’ve become a must for many of our customers. The soft stay dry lining that sits against baby’s bum wicks away moisture keeping little one comfy and dry. These come in bamboo, hemp or a combi trifold of both. Slim fitting and *incredibly* quick to dry for a natural fabric due to being able to unfold the layers, trifolds are a firm favourite here!

Whatever you decide is best for you, don’t be afraid to play around and tweak your routine until you find what suits, all little ones are different! 

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