The Popper & Pocket V2

The Popper & Pocket V2

I have a small confession to make. The Quickdry and Everyday Little Lovebum nappies, whilst undoubtedly brilliant, are not actually my favourite. Neither is the Newbie, even though that will always have a place in my heart with being my son’s first ever nappy. No, my favourite is actually the Popper & Pocket nappy.

There are a few reasons why this is the case and the first is how truly easy it is to fit. The use of stretchy tabs means that it moulds comfortably to your babies waist and their bright often enhance the beauty of the designs with a contrasting colour or shade. Another reason is the power of my favourite insert, the hemp trifold, which I have found to comfortably keep even the heaviest of wetters dry and clean for hours. The built in stay-dry liner on the Trifolds is beautiful and soft, which, when popped into the nappy above the pocket will keep your baby dry and irritation free. For these reasons, I find myself reaching for the popper and pocket nappies in my collection regularly for both of my children and have even used it overnight with no leaks or discomfort.

So when I heard that that changes were being made to the Popper & Pocket design, I was excited to see what Little Lovebum would have in store for the nappy. When I received my first pocket and popper V2, I was not disappointed at all.

Three major changes have been made to the design to make it an even more effective nappy than before.

The first is that the popper which is used to secure the insert has been moved from the back to the front of the nappy. This is particularly useful for boys and heavy wetters as the front is often were ends up the most wet.

Another major change to the design is the addition of a double gusset (a second layer of elastic in the leg cuff of the nappy.) This helps prevent leg gaps and leaks, especially on younger and skinnier babies. Solid waste is now funnelled down the middle of the nappy and kept away from the legs preventing any chance of any unpleasant escapes.

The third and final change to the pocket and popper design is the addition of a third row of rise poppers. This means there are now four different ways to fit the nappy, making it accessible to even younger babies than before.

I believe that the Popper & Pocket is a great nappy for beginners and nappy experts alike. It is reliable, easy to fit and utterly beautiful. The changes that have been made have only further improved it’s brilliant design and made it a must have for any cloth nappy users collection.

About the author: 

Lauren is a mum of two who works as a private tutor and is passionate about using cloth nappies and all things zero waste. She has written about using cloth nappies on both of her children on her blog at

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