The Newbie Days

The Newbie Days

Ten tiny toes, gentle cuddly skin, long delicate eyelashes and lots and lots of dirty nappies. Having a newborn is no doubt some of the hardest, most tiring and most magical times of parenthood. Personally I love the newborn stage. When I look back, it’s not the sleep deprivation, the hormones or the pain that stands out to me, it’s those tiny little people of mine and our little sleepless cuddles that comes to mind.

If you’re anything like me, then you will understand the importance of gentleness and comfort for our babies in those most vulnerable of days. When choosing what newborn nappies to put my youngest baby in, I was drawn to brands that were designed with comfort in mind.

When I first held a newbie nappy, I was blown away at how soft the inside felt. The bamboo and velour mix is like no other nappy we have ever used. Not only that, but the nappy was designed purposely to not have poppers at the back as to stop them irritating sleeping babies. That level of care and attention to detail made the newbie stand out from the crowd.

It turns out our little boy would need extra care and attention. At birth he was rushed to special care and life saving measures were put into place. Amazingly though, without being asked, the neonatal team chose to put him in the cloth nappy we had taken with us, so even though he was taken from familiar surroundings and the comfort of his parents, my baby got to experience the comfort of his special velour nappies when he needed it most. And for his first twenty four hours, the only thing he wore were those nappies. No wonder they have such a special place in my heart.

Once we finally got our little boy home, we were able to continue our journey using Little Lovebum newbie nappies. We quickly figured out that our little boy was a heavy wetter (aren’t they all when all the drink is milk?) but we did not need to boost our newbies, just fold over the little booster to focus on the wettest area. Robin was an extra large baby and the top end of the scales for a newborn, and his newbies fitted perfectly. We found that tucking in the tiny leg frills really contained any of those little newborn explosive poops that in disposables would have meant a change of baby grow.

At ten weeks old, I undid the rise poppers on our newbies for the last time as he continued to grow and pile on the pounds. At three months, he passed a colossal 16lb, and we made the choice to swap our newbies for Everydays. Packing them away was a hugely emotional moment for us, as it felt like a real end to an era. Nearly all of them were passed on to friends with babies, but that first little Cowboys and Indians print nappy that he wore in his incubator remains on a shelf in our nursery as I was unable to bare parting with it. If and when we ever have another little one, I will be so excited to use our newbie nappies again and be safe in the knowledge that he or she (or they if my toddler gets her way as she wants me to have twins next!) will be kept dry and comfortable where they need it most.


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