Saving time on the washing line

Saving time on the washing line

In summer, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, you will no doubt spend your days with cloth nappies hanging on the washing line, waving in the wind like festive eco bunting! Even indoors, then the warmer house and sun shining through the windows means that your cloth nappy laundry doesn’t take long to dry and put away.

Winter however, is a different story. No sunshine, rainy days and cold, damp conditions mean that your washing can end up hanging around for days. And by the time that it is dry enough to put away, it’s time to start the process all over again! This is on top of the mountains of other household washing we know doubt all generate with young children.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Little Lovebum Quickdry nappy, will be one of the first nappies dry on your washing line, and as it is an all in one, you don’t need to fold or stuff, it’s ready to go straight away. It is an absorbent, slim fitting nappy, that is easy to fit with no tucking or folding required, perfect for cloth nappies beginners and experts alike.

Some of our mums have shared with us what they love most about Quickdry nappies.


The most important things for me in a cloth nappy are that they are reliable, easy to fit and easy to wash. Being sustainable and environmentally conscious shouldn't be a chore or hard work. And this is exactly why I love the Quickdrys. There's no folding or stuffing, no fancy fitting techniques or overcomplicated washing routines. They go straight on the bum, keep baby nice and dry then go straight in the wash and dry super quickly. What's not to love?!

I'm relatively new to Quickdrys, having used Popper & Pockets and Everydays before, and I've been so won over that I wish I'd started out with them! I was nervous that they might not be absorbent enough, but we've had no leaks and they easily last between our regular changes (3-4 hours). They're quickly becoming a favourite in this house.


We started our cloth nappy journey by trying a huge range of nappies through a nappy library. Before we got to the Little Lovebum Quickdry, I was starting to get disheartened with the amount of effort and drying time needed to use cloth nappies, and couldn’t see us sticking with it long term ...but then we discovered the Little Lovebum Quickdry!

With its beautiful “A new leaf” print, how quick and easy it was to wash, and it’s clever coffee fibre lining (to stop any worry of staining!) - the Quickdry quickly became our go to.

I bought 10 of them (no other brands!) in all of the gorgeous prints. When washed on an evening, they are often ready to use the next morning - perfect if you don’t have a huge stash or don’t fancy nappies drying all over the house! They last well as they are and we boost for naps. I’ve loaned some to friends who love them too and it’s also kicked off their cloth nappy journey!

Such a clever and beautiful nappy, perfect for busy families!


I’m a really big fan of the Quickdrys. They are very absorbent and very easy to boost if needed. I especially love how easy they are to fit, with not having to worry about tucking in to the knickerline. It makes it brilliant for family or childminders to use. The quickness of them drying makes them a perfect staple to my stash. They dry just as quickly indoors as they do outdoors, making them perfect to use all year round.


Our little Lovebum Quickdry was the second of our little love bum purchases and I simply cannot find a fault with it. From the coffee fibre mesh inside, to the stunning prints, to the fact it dries overnight in our house.

As a family of six who do at least two loads laundry a day and have washing hanging all around the house as is, the last thing we'd need is nappies hanging too.

This is why Quickdry nappies are an amazing option for us, plus with winter here and it being impossible to dry anything outside these are definitely our go to at the moment. Even with frequent washing, we have not experienced bobbling or staining of any kind, which is a win in my eyes. I would highly recommend the Little Lovebum Quickdry to anyone with limited drying resources or in fact to anyone who is in search of a brilliant nappy in general.


The Quickdry is a perfect nappy and it definitely lives up to its name! It is very easy to fit and get it straight back on the bum after washing. I love the coffee fibre, which reduces odours and stains, as well as having antibacterial properties too! Perfect for keeping my babies bottom cool! So many positives for this all in one nappy!


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