Make a change, with every change.

Make a change, with every change.

Here at Little Lovebum, we believe that we can be bigger than just nappies. We believe that we can help each and every one of you to reduce your carbon nappy print by 40% (Environment Agency). We also believe that we can help cut down on that 6,000 tonnes of nappies that are thrown into landfill every day around the World. We believe that we can all make a difference.

Cloth nappies can also have financial benefits for you and your family as well. Two and a half years of disposable nappies can cost around £1000, whereas buying enough cloth nappies for one child from birth to potty can cost around £250. They can also be passed onto siblings, friends and relatives and reused again, meaning the savings can continue from there!

The decision to make the change to using cloth nappies can be a daunting one, but really there is really nothing to be scared of! Many people will have images of complicated folds, sharp safety pins and boiling and soaking nappies for days on end, when in reality, modern cloth nappies are very similar in design to disposables. Our nappies are shaped and fitted like disposable nappies and secured at the front with poppers. A popular choice of nappy is the one-size, which can be adjusted to the size of your child to get a snug and secure fit. You may also want to have a few of our teeny fit Newbie, newborn nappies for the early days. 

Disposing of solids is not as daunting as some worry as well. If you choose, you can use a disposable liner that sits between the baby and the nappy, this catches any solids that can be thrown out with your household waste. No scrubbing, scooping or scraping is necessary. Cleaning your nappies isn’t tricky either, and you will soon find yourself hitting an easy wash routine. 

If you are nervous about starting cloth nappies, then why not just give it a try with one or two to begin with and continue your collection from there? By just using one nappy a day, you can save over 900 nappies from going into landfill!

Please share with everyone your experiences with real nappies, spread the word and together we can help change our planet for the better.

About the Author: Lauren is mum to a beautiful two year old girl and is expecting her second late September. She is a private tutor and is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint and her household waste.

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