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This super absorbent All-in-One nappy is made with thirsty hemp and quick-to-absorb bamboo which is topped with a stay-dry liner to keep your baby's bum dry.

It is the perfect no-fuss option, as it needs no prepping, folding or stuffing.

It sits securely with double popper closures, has crossover poppers for smaller babies and hip poppers which prevent wing-droop and leakage.

It can be easily boosted for extra absorbency for night-time use.

The outermost part is made from PUL which is waterproof, so no cover is needed.

It is an OSFM, (One Size Fits Most), so it is suitable from baby to toddler (approximately 10-35lbs/4-16kgs)


Fit tip: fit as you would a disposable nappy. No need to tuck the leg elastics in the knicker-line.

Drying tip: Turn the nappy inside out between the two absorbent layers to quicken the drying time.

These nappies need at least six washes until they reach an ideal absorbency.


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27 Reviews

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    All the washing and long drying time worth it in the end!

    Posted by A on 11th May 2021

    These nappies are really absorbent. In a pretty amazing way! They last for HOURS and are the only nappies I’ve found to be comparable with disposables in terms of slim fit, ease of use and absorption. I’ve taken off a star because they do take quite a while to dry and the six washes they need before they hit their stride are a bit exhausting (could they come even partially pre-washed, so they’d require only, say three washes before use?).

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    Love them

    Posted by Liz B on 28th Apr 2021

    They fit perfectly around my baby's chunky legs which we've struggled with with other brands, and I love all the various patterns!

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    Everyday nappies

    Posted by Rachael Cook on 19th Feb 2021

    Brilliant, highly absorbent without making the nappy bulky for my baby. The prints are gorgeous too and I love showing them off. Would definitely recommend.

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    Amazing nappy!

    Posted by Aimee on 6th Feb 2021

    This all in one nappy works well for my little one with the fast absorbing bamboo and thirsty hemp. It’s so easy to fit too. Prints are all so gorgeous! I wont buy any other brand.

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    Great nappies for a FTM!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2021

    The ED is such an easy nappy for parents new to cloth & who want to use natural fibres. That was my reason for getting the ED after hearing about how absorbent hemp & bamboo are, so we got our first one at 6 weeks.
    The ED was a bit of a struggle for us at first because we couldn't quite figure out how to fold the two insert layers when on the smallest rise setting. Everything we tried we would get small leg leaks, however, once our LO moved on to the second rise, not a single leak! I'm convinced it's just a better fit when babies are a bit more filled-out.
    We then got adventurous & tried using it as a night nappy with 2x LLB hemp inserts. It worked for around 12 hours, which I was completely impressed with! I'd definitely recommend this to first-time cloth parents as it's one of the easiest brands we've tried.

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    Maple leaf rag everyday

    Posted by Kate Brown on 5th Dec 2020

    I love the everyday nappy, my baby is a very large baby and has outgrown other reusable nappies, fortunately llb everyday still fit perfectly with some room still to spare! They are now our only daytime nappy. The patterns are vibrant and varied, the absorbency is great, what more could I ask for!?

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    The best nappies and most beautiful print!

    Posted by Nikki on 2nd Nov 2020

    These nappies - both quickdry and everyday are amazing! Great fit, brilliant absorbency and fab prices. I am a huge fan and have switched my entire stash to these nappies in the space of 3 weeks they are that good. It says a lot if my husband is finally happy to change a cloth nappy now haha!

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    Slim & Absorbant

    Posted by Sorcha on 19th Oct 2020

    Purchased these nappies for my 4 week old to get started on my cloth journey. I also had 10 from another make but these are far superior in quality! They have soft durable elastics that leave no marks on my little one, have fitted from 10 lbs perfectly. The hemp and bamboo layer is very absorbent and so far goes through the night with no boosters needed. They wash easily although do take a day to dry next to the radiator which is the only downside but that is why they work so well overnight. I have to also say after switching to cloth little one has cleared up nappy rash so I'm a real convert!

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    So far so good

    Posted by Kirsty Johns on 8th Oct 2020

    Really pleased with this nappy so far! It seems to hold up well and pleased with the absorbency and the fit is nice and slim on little one, he seems extremely comfortable!

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    Great slim line nappy

    Posted by Elspeth on 30th Sep 2020

    We have 4 of the everyday nappies in our general nappy rotation and I have grown to love them over time. The prints are exquisite and im really loving the new galaxy ones especially. They really do require the suggested 5 plus washes to maximise their absorbency, and I also tuck in an additional booster as we have a heavy wetter, but once they've been used a few times I really find them bombproof.

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    Every day reusable nappy

    Posted by Heidi on 6th Aug 2020

    Gorgeous design, we have tried several brands of nappy and this one is by far the best fit, and the absorbency is excellent (only been washed twice so not up to full absorbency yet!) would definitely recommend to anyone interested in trying Little Love Bum

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    Posted by Susan on 31st May 2020

    The design of the nappy is great. Pre washed to get maximum absorbency which has worked well. Slim fitting, and easy to use.